If its just us

  Dr. Carl Sagan said, " "The universe is so vast and, It will be an awful waste of space if its just us"   


Orion Constellation

  Orion constellation named after the hunter in Greek mythology is of the brightest constellation. This constellation is visible clearly from the months of November to February. That's Sirius, the brightest star in the sky. To find Sirius, find orion, then from the Orion's belt as depicted in the picture above, come south and there … Continue reading Orion Constellation


We can't view deep in the space directly but there are certain things that the human eye can see. There is so much out there that without any formal methodology it would be impossible to study the sky above. As such our sky/celestial sphere ( think of yourself standing inside a sphere) is divided into … Continue reading Constellations


Warp Mode Star Trek

How they do it is warp mode in star trek? Let aside theoretical physics and logic but if it happens, ohh... In reality, when you achieve speeds closer to the speed of light, the mass become heavy, very heavy and one can say that tending to infinity. Say, m0 be mass at rest mrelative= m0/(sqrt(1-v^2/c^2)), … Continue reading Warp Mode Star Trek


Surviving if Lost

Earth is a big planet( don't compare in context to a jupiter). What if you get lost somewhere on earth and you don't have a compass. If it's a day... 1.) Using an Analog Wrist Watch In the Northern Hemisphere. Take your watch, point the hour hand towards the sun and bisect the angle midway … Continue reading Surviving if Lost


Measurement in Space : Light Year

On earth, we measure distance in kilometers or miles but out there is the space, where our earth is located, there will be so many zeroes behind a number, as the distance will be large. To give you an idea lets talk about our star- the sun and the nearest star to our sun, i.e. … Continue reading Measurement in Space : Light Year