We can’t view deep in the space directly but there are certain things that the human eye can see.

There is so much out there that without any formal methodology it would be impossible to study the sky above. As such our sky/celestial sphere ( think of yourself standing inside a sphere) is divided into 88 constellations. Basically, a constellation is a group of stars that make a specific pattern in the sky.

For example consider, the constellation Orion. This constellation covers a specific set/area in the celestial sphere. Now, there is Orion’s nebulae, which is located in the orion constellation. Likewise true for all other constellation.

Consider, the constellation Ursa major or great bear, there is a trail known as big dipper ( formed by 7 stars in a pattern of no 7). This constellation can be used to point the pole star or polaris, which is the the ursa minor constellation.

Constellations/stars were used by ancients to find way. For example, if you know, how to find the pole star, you can where the north is ( Northern Hemisphere).

To name a few constellations -Andromeda, Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, Cassiopeia, Orion and there are 88 such constellations.






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